What is the Best YouTube Converter?

Have you experienced that you want to re-watch the videos from YouTube even when your device is not connected to the internet? Or, perhaps, have you noticed that the favourite song you listen to every day does not exist on your favourite audio platform?

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Why you want to use YouTube Converters?

Streaming on YouTube might be the only choice left for you. But, not really. If you want to listen to your favourite song or watch a particular video without an internet connection, you could just download the YouTube videos. While some videos are downloadable via YouTube apps in your smartphone, it does not necessarily mean that you can copy the video to your other devices like a PC or laptop. Web-based YouTube service also doesn’t offer the download feature.

What is YouTube Converter?

YouTube does not come with the converter tools, which enforce you to use third-party software or apps to proceed with your stuff. But not all third-party tools come with great quality and features that you need. Some apps end up showing you unnecessary pop-up ads which is a big turning-off factor to use their service again in the future. And some are great but coming up with limited capability in converting. Since you want the best quality videos that you can download, you will want to focus on the best provider for converting YouTube videos. So, let's enter the real solution called getfromyt.com.

Is getfromyt.com the best YouTube converter?

getfromyt.com is best

With the effective YouTube converter, you can download the videos from YouTube or convert them into the preferred file-formats including the MP3. getfromyt.com is a versatile YouTube Converter tool that allows you to fetch the YouTube videos to various file types including MP3, MP4, WMA, FLAC, FLV, WAV, and so on. It is much easier to use this third-party tool because there is no need to download and install anything in your device. The web-based service is available with zero downtime. So, you can download YouTube videos at any time, anywhere you want. While other services require you to sign up to their sites first, you won’t need to do that to use the YouTube converter service from getfromyt.com.

The quality of the files:

The audio files that you can download will come out in 128kbps quality. Meanwhile, the video files you can download will come out at 720p quality. And you can enjoy all of these files with just a few clicks away. All you need to do is to copy and paste the link and hit the convert button.

Test + Result

It has a simple interface and design. The site is straightforward, showing the box where you can put the link of the YouTube video that you will want to convert. Then there's the “Submit” button which is the action button to convert the video to the particular format you want.I’ve tried dozens of videos and the results were amazing. Each video only takes 5-10 seconds to finish converting. So, it won’t take a long time until I finish all of the downloads. Once the conversion is finished, you could just hit the download button and VOILA, the files will be transferred to your device.​I tested the video and audio quality and they were both good. It is indeed worthy to spend some time browsing around and converting the file through this site.

How to convert and download YouTube videos by getfromyt.com?

​Here is how you are going to use the YouTube Converter tool from getfromyt.com:​

#1 - Go to YouTube.com to find the video you’ll want to download.

#2 - Copy the link

#3 - Go to getfromyt.com

#4 - Paste the YouTube video link to the search box.

#5 - Choose the file types you want to download

#6 - Click Submit button, and wait for few seconds

#7 - Hit the Download button and that’s it!

getfromyt.com's features:

Converter tool:

Converter tool from getfromyt.com is a versatile web-based app that allows you to save any YouTube video in both audio and video format. It is actually the main function of this service. And not just the video that you can fetch to your device, you can also rip the audio from it. That way, you can stock your favourite songs on your PC, laptop, flash disk, or any other device for playback without having to connect to the internet.Moreover, you can do it without registration to follow. The video converter tool is also useful when you cannot open a particular video format from YouTube, or want to add the clips from YouTube to your existing video.​Well, these can be anything from free stock footage, green screen elements, montages, meme videos, intro, highlight, and so on. In order to attain these videos, you won’t need to use any other software than getfromyt.com.

Cutter tool:

It takes a long path to trim and clip the videos you take from YouTube. You need to download it first, then trim it using your video software, then convert it. But you don’t have to be involved with such a long journey to get the clips you want. The cutter tool of getfromyt.com allows the users to trim specific parts of the YouTube videos online, without having to download the videos first. Even better, you can download the trimmed version of the videos so that you can use them immediately.


Merger tool:

This particular tool can help you to merge multiple video files and combine various clips. Combine the videos into one file without having to install anything on your device. All will be done in the cloud!

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