Full Guide | How to share a YouTube video on Instagram?

Your step-by-step guide to sharing YouTube videos to Instagram

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You're probably wondering how to post a YouTube video on Instagram if you're a video editor or someone who makes video content for YouTube. Of course, you want to broaden your audience and share your video content with as many people as possible, and Instagram is an excellent forum for doing so.

We'll show you how to share a YouTube video on Instagram, how to post YouTube videos on Instagram, and the software to use to make the whole process quick and elegant in this article.

Why Should You Upload A YouTube Video To Instagram?

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So there isn't a simple way to do this? Why would you go into the trouble of uploading your YouTube video to Instagram? Sharing a YouTube video on Instagram is content smart, to put it simply.

Nobody has time to constantly produce platform-specific content. It's a smart use of your time and money to reshare YouTube content on your Instagram profile. It also increases your visibility and interaction because video content performs exceptionally well on Instagram.

YouTube is the second most influential social media website, behind only Facebook. YouTube had over 2 billion active users in October 2020. Instagram had 1 158 million users, and every company today understands the value of using the platform. Smart branding and excellent social media content management was achieved by combining the effects of both channels.

What is the best way to post a YouTube video on Instagram?

Here's how to get your YouTube video to appear on Instagram:

1. Download the video from YouTube:

What is the best way to upload a video to Instagram from a computer? 

You can get the original material for your video from YouTube if you don't have it. Downloading a video to your computer is a simple operation, but it can be risky in terms of copyright if you're dealing with other people's material. There are plenty of places where you can copy the YouTube video's URL into a specified area and obtain a downloadable MP4 file for no charge as long as you know you can legally use the video.

Use YouTube downloaders such as getfromyt.com or ytmp3.cc; both of these will suffice. 

As previously mentioned, it is recommended that you set the downloading options so that the downloaded video is an MP4 file, which is the normal video file format and the preferred format for Instagram videos. 

Depending on which platform you choose, you'll have two choices for downloading: A connect sent to your inbox or a direct download to your PC's hard drive. The latter is where you'll find the video file you'll need. 

The next move is to use your mobile device to open your email and view the video that has been sent to your inbox. You can also bind your phone to your computer and send the MP4 file there.

2. On an Android or iPhone, here's how to do it:

If you want to do this on your iPhone, you can find similar applications on the App Store (search for "YouTube video streaming or downloader" and you'll get a list of some great choices to choose from). If you have an Android device, go to Google Play and browse as if you were using an iPhone. 

You won't find these conversion sites as quickly in the App Store or on Google Play as you can on your PC. Apple and (to a lesser extent) Google both want you to avoid uploading YouTube videos on your phone, so you'll have to search a little deeper to find the best choices. 

An app called 2 tube gram is recommended for the iPhone. The method of converting your YouTube video with this app is extremely simple and will be very similar to that of other, similar apps. 

After you've opened it, go to the Download browser inside the app and click it. In the box, type in YouTube's main URL (i.e., https://youtube.com). You'll be able to quickly find the video you want to convert. After you've found and clicked on your video, the app will ask if you want to download it. You're now good to go after pressing the Download button. 

On an Android app, the procedure would be nearly identical. 

If you're having trouble uploading the YouTube video on your tablet, try downloading it on your PC or Mac and emailing it to yourself. The file can then be quickly downloaded from your computer.